January 2018

Natural Resources Magazine’s Industry Person of the Year is a beacon of sustainability – Jim Irving

Jim Irving leads a superlative list of winners as we roll our our third annual Industry Excellence Awards

Meet our 2018 Industry Excellence Awards winners

How the winners are striving and achieving greatness in resource development, health and safety, innovation, environmental stewardship and championing communities

Beyond first oil – the Hebron story as told by three people involved in the offshore mega-project

Hebron is finally pumping black gold. Now what?

A brouhaha brews between Newfoundland and Ottawa over potential changes to the offshore oil regulatory process

Newfoundland balks at Ottawa’s proposed changes to the oil and gas regulatory process

Infographic: LNG continues its slow rise as a favoured fuel source

It’s 2018, and liquefied natural gas is going global

How IOC’s Clayton Walker restored order at its Labrador operations

Clayton Walker steers IOC through turbulent times in Labrador

Here’s how a New Brunswick company turns heads with its engine repair acumen

How a Bathurst company keeps the resource industry’s engines running

Doug Keefe remembers establishing FORCE: “We never expected a quick pay off”

Doug Keefe reflects on leading Nova Scotia into a tidal energy frontier

Why spreading its wings is critical for Newfoundland and Labrador’s petroleum industry

Why Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil industry must diversify

Northcliff Resources waits out commodity price downturn as it pursues Sisson project

Financing, improved commodity prices final pieces of puzzle for Sisson mine

Bear Head LNG keeps its eye on the export prize

Bear Head LNG curries favour with the West’s natural gas producers

Why Big Oil took a breather in the C-NLOPB’s 2017 call for bids

Big Oil shows restraint in C-NLOPB’s 2017 call for bids

Red tape sends PEI Energy Corporation back to the drawing board on new wind farm development

Bylaw troubles delay development of P.E.I.’s latest wind farm

Why Atlantic Canada is back in the resource extraction game

Newfoundland’s about to embark on a winning streak