November 2017

Has Shawn Ryan ushered in a modern-day gold rush in Newfoundland and Labrador?

A prospecting rock star chooses Newfoundland as his next exploration playground

The story of how Sussex pivoted after the Picadilly mine closure

How Sussex moved on from the Piccadilly mine closure

Are small oil fields worth developing in a $50 per barrel market?

Newfoundland’s small oil fields are suddenly a big deal.

The oil and gas sector presents Ottawa with a carbon conundrum

Cutting Canada’s carbon emissions is easier said than done

Can Navitas Petroleum and Delek Group find the next big oil field in Newfoundland waters?

Two Israeli companies have grand plans for Newfoundland’s offshore

Did “changed circumstances” really kill the Energy East pipeline?

TransCanada bids adieu to the Energy East pipeline

Voisey’s Bay expansion is put on hold by Brazilian mining giant

Vale presses pause on the Voisey’s Bay mine expansion

Tacora Resources looks to revive Labrador’s Scully Mine

Tacoma Resources sets its sights on re-opening Labrador iron ore mine

How St. John’s-based Quality Matters Inc. became a QHSE powerhouse in Atlantic Canada

Quality Matters Inc. keeps resource companies onside with shifting QHSE standards

Brian Peckford sings the Atlantic Accord blues

Brian Peckford sings the Atlantic Accord blues

Gaëtan Thomas on why building Point Lepreau was “visionary” by New Brunswick

Gaëtan Thomas recalls the birth of nuclear power in New Brunswick

Why it’s time to look beyond our borders for offshore oil business opportunities

Is it time our offshore oil industry spread its exporting wings?

Take it to the bank

Why Atlantic Canada’s resource future can be best summarized as Great Expectations

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Composites Cluster transforms ideas into innovations