Can science come to the rescue of marine seismic surveys?

Tim Froude

How Kim Keating and other women are making their mark on Atlantic Canada's petroleum scene

U.S. tariffs take their toll on the
New Brunswick forestry business

Inside Big Oil's exploration plans
for Newfoundland's offshore

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How storytelling can get Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil sector’s message to the masses
Failure to communicate could hamper offshore oil growth
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When it comes to Atlantic Canada’s natural resources sector, it all adds up
Fact vs. Fiction: Hubert Hutton crunches the numbers on resource development
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Golf carts and magazine trolleys
Then and now: 21 years on an Aberdeen golf course
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Weather wreaks havoc on East Coast offshore oil production
Mother Nature puts a halt to offshore production
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Junior miner’s latest drilling results help advance promising gold property in Atlantic Canada
Marathon Gold slowly advances Valentine Lake project
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Shellfish sector tests innovative fishing gear to address concerns about mounting marine mammal deaths
Can ropeless fishing gear save the whales?
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