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Suncor's new vice president East Coast Canada Josée Tremblay talks about her new role and a newfound appreciation for fog

What sustainability really means in the resource sector

Inside Big Oil's exploration plans
for Newfoundland's offshore

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Verbatim: The Energy Transition with Unni Fjaer
Unni Fjaer is VP of Equinor Canada. She previously served as Equinor’s (formerly Statoil) location manager in Hammerfest, Norway, where she was responsible for LNG production. Ms. Fjaer has had significant offshore experience during her 25-year career with Equinor, including positions as platform manager offshore Norway and human resources manager for operations mid-Norway. In N.L., Ms. Fjaer currently oversees offshore operations. Equinor has a majority stake in N.L.’s Bay du Nord discovery in the Flemish Pass Basin. The largest global find of 2013, Bay du Nord is estimated to contain 300 million barrels of oil.
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How storytelling can get Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil sector’s message to the masses
Failure to communicate could hamper offshore oil growth
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Drill, baby drill. Exploration plans abound on Canada’s East Coast
Inside Big Oil's exploration plans for Newfoundland's offshore
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It will be a busy 2019 for Newfoundland and Labrador offshore oil mega-project
Husky hopes to keep hitting West White Rose milestones
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Junior miner’s latest drilling results help advance promising gold property in Atlantic Canada
Marathon Gold slowly advances Valentine Lake project
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Golf carts and magazine trolleys
Then and now: 21 years on an Aberdeen golf course
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