Has the opportunity to harness tidal power in the Bay of Fundy been swept out to sea?

Dr. Robert Greenwood on what new workforce realities mean for Atlantic Canada
On the job with a New Brunswick

Tim Froude

Caron Hawco talks about the missing link in the latest "The Insider"

What sustainability really means in the resource sector
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Spotlight: Peer Ledger’s Mimosi set to be a game changer
Spotlight profiles businesses in Atlantic Canada’s service and supply sector
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Making HerStory: How women can reach the C-Suite in the oil and gas industry
Three women speak up about leadership in the male-dominated petroleum sector
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The S word: Sustainability in the resource sector
The concept of sustainability has changed dramatically over the past few decades; we look at what 'the S word' really means in the resource sector
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Will a PC government allow a junior oil and gas company to unlock its onshore gas potential near Sussex?
Does fracking have a future in New Brunswick?
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Developments: Petroleum unplugged
What would happen to oil if every vehicle switched to electric?
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Developments: What was old is new again
Reclaimed Stellarton mine site continues to provide new economic opportunities
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