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Tim Froude

Why Ottawa's plan to hive off Clearwater's surf clam quota went horribly wrong

Nova Scotia's Journeyman uses video to
bring resource projects to the masses

Tim Froude

Tim Froude hopes he's hit on something big in Newfoundland and Labrador's gold country

Will Bay du Nord take Newfoundland to new frontiers in deep-water technology?


Juan Roberts on the highs and lows of mussel farming

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How the digital age is set to transform Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil sector
How Newfoundland's petroleum sector can conquer the digital age
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Sean Kirby on the mining sector’s fuel tax rebate fight
How Nova Scotia's mining sector won its flight for the fuel tax rebate
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Cooke Aquaculture, J.D. Irving headline our roster of 2019 Industry Excellence Award winners
Cooke Aquaculture has seafood sites across the world, including this enclosure at Cooke’s sea site in Sugarloaf, Newfoundland and Labrador. (Photo courtesy of Cooke Aquaculture) The business world is competitive. Companies are constantly vying to win the favour of customers and shareholders in order to ...
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Why Wabush is playing the waiting game with the reopening of the Scully mine
Wabush is on edge as a new owner misses milestones to reopen the Scully mine
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Ore & Oil
By Darren Campbell

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  • Equinor, BP keep their East Coast activity mostly on the down low
    I attended last week’s NOIA oil and gas conference in St. John’s. The event gives journalists like myself the rare opportunity to corner top executives in the East Coast offshore oil and gas industry and ask them questions about their respective operations in Atlantic Canada. (My previous posts on the conference can be found here and ...