Equinor hopes to extract millions of barrels of oil from offshore while keeping as many jobs as possible onshore

Tim Froude

Rutter technologies moves closer to predictive sea state technology

Atlantic Canada is a world leader in underwater imaging technology. How are those revelations affecting ocean interactions?
Saturation diver Pierre LeFèvre reveals what it’s like to live at the bottom of the ocean
Flux Lab is on a mission to help Canada’s energy sector reduce its methane emissions
Newfoundland and Labrador mining enters a
rich vein of exploration and development
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Built to last
Atlantic Canada’s fishing and forestry companies look to environmental and economic sustainability to stay in the game for the long haul
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Good as gold
For anyone who’s a regular reader of this column, you’ll know that I’m usually preaching the gospel of black gold. Oil and gas has filled Atlantic Canadian coffers for 30 years and with 90 per cent of N.L.’s offshore jurisdiction yet to be seismic surveyed...
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Pedal to the metal
Labrador's mining sector is driving major infrastructure investments in Quebec
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