Has the opportunity to harness tidal power in the Bay of Fundy been swept out to sea?

Dr. Robert Greenwood on what new workforce realities mean for Atlantic Canada
On the job with a New Brunswick

Tim Froude

Caron Hawco talks about the missing link in the latest "The Insider"

What sustainability really means in the resource sector
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Husky Energy’s Trevor Pritchard steers the company through stormy seas in Atlantic Canada
Trevor Pritchard defends Husky's operating record on the East Coast
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Publisher’s Note: Think AND, not OR
So much of what I see and read online about resource development seems to be positioned in conflict. It’s like a resource sector Game of Thrones: oil, gas, pipelines and mines versus hydroelectricity, tidal, wind and solar power. That type of battle is one that ...
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Infographic: Forestry is big business in Canada
How our forests feed economic growth in Canada
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The Insider: The missing link
It’s no secret that large organizations, corporate, government and institutions can be shy (risk averse) when it comes to hiring small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Some consider it risky to trust their larger projects with an SME...
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Drill, baby drill. Exploration plans abound on Canada’s East Coast
Inside Big Oil's exploration plans for Newfoundland's offshore
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The S word: Sustainability in the resource sector
The concept of sustainability has changed dramatically over the past few decades; we look at what 'the S word' really means in the resource sector
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