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Otans rebranding as it broadens focus

What’s in a name? Many things, according to the Offshore/Onshore Technologies Association of Nova Scotia (OTANS). And that’s why the not-for-profit industry organization is rebranding as it broadens its focus beyond the oil and gas realm. OTANS will now be known as the Maritimes Energy Association.

“The energy sector and the energy industry (are) changing rapidly,” says association executive director Barbara Pike. She notes that there is a lot happening, from oil and gas to tidal and wind projects. “This (name change) is to better reflect what it is that our members will actually be doing.” It’s the latest step in an evolution that has seen the association change names a number of times over its three decades of existence. “As the energy sector has changed, so too has OTANS, and that’s where we’re heading now,” Pike says.

The association plans a “soft” rollout of the shift, changing the logo and discussing the move with members in the lead-up to October’s big CORE conference in Halifax.

“There’s been some concern among members that we will be moving away from oil and gas, but that’s not the case,” Pike notes. “We continue to embrace oil and gas, we’re just expanding the market.”

And that expansion will include New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, she notes. “It’s to encompass the whole energy sector.”

Pike figures about one-quarter of the association’s members are involved in some aspect of renewables, whether it’s doing fabrication for wind or tidal projects or design and consulting work.

She notes that 13 Maritime companies — all them involved in renewables — attended the recent All-Energy exhibition and conference in Aberdeen. “The opportunities are there, and the big thing is to make sure that our members are aware of the opportunities, and are in a position to take advantage of those opportunities when they arrive.”

– Rob Antle

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