Fully Charged

It was devilishly warm at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. And I’m not just talking about the weather.

There’s a particularly heated, energetic atmosphere that comes with an oil show. Everyone is so obviously excited — pumped, if you’ll pardon the pun — that you can’t help but be motivated by the action. To see such a large and divergent group of suppliers, developers, regulators and government types in the same area, and all of them focused on similar goals (namely, the safe and feasible development of petroleum resources) … well, I find it inspiring.

It’s even better when you get to see the source of that inspiration come to fruition. When you can watch a super idea become superb reality.

A decade ago, Hebron was little more than a wistful daydream. Today, it’s “barreling forward”. ExxonMobil has submitted its development application for the minimum 600-million-barrel project, and there’s even a tentative first oil date of 2017.

Deep Panuke, too, was little more than a pipe dream in the not-so-distant past. Now, it’s only months away from becoming Nova Scotia’s second offshore gas project, and a 632 Bcf contributor to the North American power supply.

There’s even more great news. Prince Edward Island is investing in innovative ways of bringing natural gas to its shores, a move that will lower power costs for one of its biggest corporate citizens while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, New Brunswick is being advised to explore an offshore accord with Ottawa that could lead to even further development of offshore resources. And Nova Scotia is offering up $15-million worth of geological information to oil and gas companies interested in exploring its offshore potential.

It’s got me fired up. How about you?

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