The Town of Paradise

Paradise is recognized as being Atlantic Canada’s fastest growing municipality with the youngest average-aged population in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Located adjacent to the major centres in the Province, including the Capital City of St. John’s and neighbouring City of Mount Pearl, is just one of the many reasons that attribute to their rising popularity. They are on the doorstep of the Trans-Canada Highway and Outer Ring Road, with St. John’s International Airport and port facilities just minutes away. An energetic Town of 18,000 that is experiencing substantial and sustainable growth – Paradise is the place where opportunity abounds for retail, commercial and industrial enterprises seeking a solid base.

According to Rodney Cumby, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Paradise, the Town offers a rare opportunity that combines value, quality, excellent location and exceptional future potential. “Offshore oil, manufacturing, construction, tourism, trucking and retail operations have already set down roots in Paradise. The Town is home to businesses in a diverse range of industries who are realizing the countless benefits of setting up shop in Paradise,” said Cumby.

Paradise is excited to bring new opportunities and employment to their area, so earning business is very important to them. They offer a three-year, 50 per cent annual business tax incentive for any company establishing in the Town, as long as it does not compete with an existing business.

“Now is the time to invest in Paradise. You will find prime land and excellent locations for your retail or commercial establishment, offering significant value for your financial investment.” Cumby said. “Paradise has available fully-serviced commercial and industrial land that will suit your needs, whatever they may be. Our commercial areas are already well established with much interest from companies looking to expand or locate in the North East Avalon area.”

There are several strategically-placed industrial parks available. The Town recently signed a deal for Phase Three of the Octagon Pond Business Park. Ideally located to take part in the booming offshore sector, this development is already commenced and will see a further 90 acres of industrial and commercial land developed. Paradise has the available locations to provide plenty of room for a business to execute its most ambitious plans.

The significance of the oil industry for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador means many students are choosing programs with this industry in mind. Furthermore, many people in the Province are currently working within the oil and gas sector and already possess industry specific knowledge.

There were over 900 new homes built in Paradise over the past two years and it continues to attract families to call Paradise home. “One of the big advantages is that we offer the best of urban and community living. Parents don’t have to worry about sacrificing the convenience and excitement of living in a major urban area for a neighbourly environment in which to raise their children. In Paradise, you are in the middle of everything, just minutes away from the capital city. Residents have easy access to work, shopping, recreational and cultural attractions, hospitals and educational institutions.” states Cumby.

Indeed the Town of Paradise is a vibrant, growing community with an excellent location and a bright future. From businesses entrenched in Canada’s offshore oil industry to exciting new commercial and retail ventures – Paradise offers so much – including the charm of Newfoundland warm and welcoming culture.

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