I often feel perplexed when I hear an opinion leader flippantly state that the oil and gas industry takes short cuts when it comes to the health and safety of its employees and the environment. I am also frustrated by the lack of dialogue …

Atlantic Canada’s fishing and forestry companies look to environmental and economic sustainability to stay in the game for the long haul

Newfoundland and Labrador mining enters a rich vein of exploration and development On the south side of Millertown, the pavement disappears and Beothuk Street transforms into a gravel road. Leaving this quiet, central Newfoundland community behind, the road stretches out into the distance, through the …

Bathurst used to be home to the richest zinc-lead mine in the world. Then the mine closed and New Brunswick’s crown jewel lost its lustre. Is there a chance it might shine again?

With resource announcements coming one at a time, it’s easy to forget they’re singular parts of an impressively larger field. Natural Resources Magazine takes a step back to see why international investors are committing billions of dollars to regional developments

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