March 2020

The next 10 years just might mark the height of Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore boom

Major oil and gas companies are currently pursuing billions of dollars’ worth of exploratory work in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore, part of a hunt that could lead to multiple new oil projects. The industry’s offshore pursuit could unlock millions of barrels of oil while providing the province with much-needed royalty revenue. But the industry’s rosy […]

How are Atlantic Canada provinces preparing for the future of mining?

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR’S current Liberal government has put forward a plan it describes as visionary in its scope of change for the province’s mining industry. Announced in November of 2018, Mining the Future 2030 outlines a 10-year plan to increase mining activity at every level—education and training, prospecting and exploration work, and, significantly, the number […]

The importance of balance

This photo was taken from the summit of Mount Carmel during summer 2019 by Jon MacNeill of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. He says that when he hiked it 20 years ago with his father, “it was nothing but a beautiful vista of Acadian forest as far as the eye could see The panorama […]

Atlantic Canadians believe a transition to lower-carbon energy generation is inevitable—and economical

With 98 per cent of its in-province power generated from wind energy, Prince Edward Island leads Atlantic Canada by a wide margin. Wind accounts for 12 per cent of N.S.’s in-province power generation and seven per cent for New Brunswick. Hydroelectricity dominates N.L. at 94 per cent. Shown here: the Aulds Mountain and Pictou Landing […]

P.E.I. research facility taking aquaculture industry to the next level

Ask Debbie Plouffe what P.E.I.’s Center for Aquaculture Technologies is all about, and you’ll immediately appreciate why the Center—which opened just five years ago—is making a marked difference to the region’s aquaculture industry. “All of us love fish, and fish research; we love aquaculture, and we love the potential of aquaculture for providing food security […]

Scott Harper of Wind Energy Institute of Canada says wind is the low cost option

The Atlantic Wind Site opened at North Cape, P.E.I. in 1981 to explore and advance the development of wind energy across Canada. Rebranded as the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WIECan) in 2005, the research and development non-profit owns and operates a functional 10-megawatt wind park—a working lab that facilitates on-going research on turbine performance, […]

On the job with Gail Atkinson, captain of all-female lobster fishing crew

Gail Atkinson Co-owner/Operator/Captain Nellie Row This was our first full season with an all-female crew. Kathryn Moore (co-owner/first mate/deck boss) and I ran the boat with just the two of us for the last half of last season. It wasn’t really a deliberate choice to form an all-female crew. We knew Annie Featherstone (deckhand) wanted […]

New eOceans software allows scientists and the public to record and share ocean-data in real time

“Seen a whale or turtle? Tell Jack!” It’s a refrain common to many sea-watchers in Newfoundland and Labrador, seen on stickers and postcards all over the province as the snow melts and the leaves unfurl for another sunny season. And sure enough, as the whale tails start smacking the surface of the sea, Twitter alights […]

ACOA offers $500,000 prize to launch innovative boat designs

The Katie Anne is Wedgeport-built. Challoner says his team made a few tweaks to its classic Wedgeport hull for the design challenge. A half-a-million-dollar makeover challenge has been gripping Atlantic Canada since last summer—some parts of it anyway. Specifically those parts, and those people, contained within the walls of naval architecture firms. Last July, the […]

P.E.I. company gives wastewater treatment a makeover with solar-powered systems and poop-eater sensors

It’s not a glamorous field and it certainly doesn’t smell very good, but Patrick Kiely’s vision for wastewater treatment is almost as large and as sprawling as the infrastructure he’s hoping to revolutionize. The Ireland-born microbiologist and entrepreneur wants to make wastewater treatment more efficient and more effective all while reducing both its carbon footprint […]

2020 Vision

I’ve always felt it to be true, but the work on this Projects issue of Natural Resources confirms it: Atlantic Canada is truly blessed. Oil and gas? We have it in abundance. Hibernia, Terra Nova, White Rose and Hebron are already producing an average of 340,000 barrels per day. With billions of dollars committed to […]