November 2019

Future casting

Does N.L. offshore have a viable future in a low-carbon world? In a low-carbon economy, the high cost of extracting oil in Newfoundland’s offshore wouldn’t be justified by the demand, according to a U.K.-based climate change think tank. “Breaking the Habit,” a new report from London non-profit Carbon Tracker, looks at the economic viability of […]

The little city that could

Bathurst used to be home to the richest zinc-lead mine in the world. Then the mine closed and New Brunswick’s crown jewel lost its lustre. Is there a chance it might shine again?

Pedal to the metal

Labrador’s mining sector is driving major infrastructure investments in Quebec

Rocking it

Newfoundland and Labrador mining enters a rich vein of exploration and development On the south side of Millertown, the pavement disappears and Beothuk Street transforms into a gravel road. Leaving this quiet, central Newfoundland community behind, the road stretches out into the distance, through the bush, past forests and bogs, rolling hills and small lakes, […]

Past, present, future

Lessons hard-learned spark innovative developments

The big picture

With resource announcements coming one at a time, it’s easy to forget they’re singular parts of an impressively larger field. Natural Resources Magazine takes a step back to see why international investors are committing billions of dollars to regional developments

A rare find

Behind the scenes with Eastern Analytical, Atlantic Canada’s boutique geological lab

In search of gold, with Heather Campbell

The N.L. Geological Survey collects and publishes baseline geological information the natural resources sector relies on. This is one of the people who make it happen.

A likely story

All signs point to probable development of multi-billion-dollar pig iron plant in Belledune, N.B.

Good as gold

For anyone who’s a regular reader of this column, you’ll know that I’m usually preaching the gospel of black gold. Oil and gas has filled Atlantic Canadian coffers for 30 years and with 90 per cent of N.L.’s offshore jurisdiction yet to be seismic surveyed…

Rock solid

Company with Atlantic Roots Poised for National Expansion