January 2020

We can see clearly now

The East Coast of Canada is leading the way in underwater imaging. How are those revelations affecting the way we interact with the world’s oceans? Natural Resources Magazine investigates.

Autonomous offshore

The reality of digital offshore production is closer than you think. This issue, Natural Resources Magazine takes a deep dive into Equinor’s plans to extract millions of barrels of oil from Bay du Nord—without putting lives at risk.

Code Breakers

How can genome research create solutions for food production, sustainable energy, resource extraction, human disease and healthy oceans? That’s what Genome Atlantic and its industry partners are trying to figure out.

Over the (sea) wall

On the Halifax waterfront, the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship is facilitating revolutionary ocean technology advancements. Almost no one outside the sector knows what they’re doing… until now.

Reach for the sky

Whether by foot, truck, drone, robot or satellite, Dr. David Risk and his Flux Lab team are on a mission to help Canada’s energy sector reduce its methane emissions

Under the sea

Saturation diver Pierre LeFèvre reveals what it’s like to live at the bottom of the ocean

Riding the waves

The validation of nearly 10 years of research and development came pretty quickly for Stephen Hale (inset) as he stood at his booth at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle last November. The vice-president of Rutter, a St. John’s, N.L.-based ocean tech outfit…

Best Christmas ever

Move over, Cybertruck. Andrew Ahearn has his own new Tesla toy to be excited about and he doesn’t have to wait to play with it. As the manager of engineering at Saint John Energy, Ahearn was eagerly awaiting a massive Tesla battery this past December, due to arrive just before Christmas…

Changing our mines

There may not be gold in them thar hills anymore, but there may be an opportunity for agriculture. That’s if a research project—looking at whether vegetables could be grown in the rock dust left over from the Anaconda gold mine…

The future is now!

Five or so years ago, while I was attending the annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, I was invited to Halliburton’s office for a special demonstration. They wanted to show me the technology they were working on—believe me when I say it was well worth seeing. Essentially, it was a wireless system that would allow […]