January 2019

Why Stan Marshall answered a call for duty (and became our 2019 Industry Person of the Year)

Stan Marshall was asked to lead Muskrat Falls out of the abyss. He didn’t hesitate to jump in.

Cooke Aquaculture, J.D. Irving headline our roster of 2019 Industry Excellence Award winners

Cooke Aquaculture has seafood sites across the world, including this enclosure at Cooke’s sea site in Sugarloaf, Newfoundland and Labrador. (Photo courtesy of Cooke Aquaculture) The business world is competitive. Companies are constantly vying to win the favour of customers and shareholders in order to grow their market share. They can only do it if […]

How the digital age is set to transform Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil sector

How Newfoundland’s petroleum sector can conquer the digital age

Weather wreaks havoc on East Coast offshore oil production

Mother Nature puts a halt to offshore production

Shellfish sector tests innovative fishing gear to address concerns about mounting marine mammal deaths

Can ropeless fishing gear save the whales?