July 2019

The S word: Sustainability in the resource sector

The concept of sustainability has changed dramatically over the past few decades; we look at what ‘the S word’ really means in the resource sector

Let the hazing begin: Josée Tremblay on her new role at Suncor

Suncor’s new vice president East Coast Canada Josée Tremblay talks about her new role and a newfound appreciation for fog

Ebb and Flow: Have business realities swamped Maritime tidal power dreams?

Has the opportunity to harness tidal power in the Bay of Fundy been swept out to sea?

Developments: What was old is new again

Reclaimed Stellarton mine site continues to provide new economic opportunities

Developments: Waste not, want not

Veteran builder says energy efficiency boosts structural integrity and sustainability

Developments: Five trends in environmentally-conscious construction

Historically, the design and development of buildings have changed to adapt to social needs. As environmental and climate concerns continue to grow, the building industry is entering a new era—with a focus on conserving resources and reducing the carbon, energy and environmental footprint of built structures. Here’s a sample of what’s happening with this latest […]

Developments: Petroleum unplugged

What would happen to oil if every vehicle switched to electric?

Viewpoint: What new workforce realities mean for Atlantic Canada

Dr. Robert Greenwood, executive director, public engagement and the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, Memorial University of Newfoundland TODAY, NATURAL RESOURCE EMPLOYERS are challenged to find enough workers. And increasingly, the workers they need have to come with state-of the-art skills and training. Many baby boomers have enjoyed long-term employment in fishing, […]

Spotlight: Peer Ledger’s Mimosi set to be a game changer

Spotlight profiles businesses in Atlantic Canada’s service and supply sector

On the Job: Robert Fitzsimmons of the Campobello whale rescue team

For On The Job we find out what it’s like to step into the boots of a resource sector worker

Verbatim: The Energy Transition with Unni Fjaer

Unni Fjaer is VP of Equinor Canada. She previously served as Equinor’s (formerly Statoil) location manager in Hammerfest, Norway, where she was responsible for LNG production. Ms. Fjaer has had significant offshore experience during her 25-year career with Equinor, including positions as platform manager offshore Norway and human resources manager for operations mid-Norway. In N.L., […]

The Insider: The missing link

It’s no secret that large organizations, corporate, government and institutions can be shy (risk averse) when it comes to hiring small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Some consider it risky to trust their larger projects with an SME…

Publisher’s Note: Think AND, not OR

So much of what I see and read online about resource development seems to be positioned in conflict. It’s like a resource sector Game of Thrones: oil, gas, pipelines and mines versus hydroelectricity, tidal, wind and solar power. That type of battle is one that no one can win. We’re so fortunate here in Atlantic […]