New Brunswick’s J.D. Irving, Limited is about to go on a massive hiring spree

New Brunswick’s J.D. Irving, Limited is about to go on a massive hiring spree

If you’re looking for a job in Atlantic Canada, send that resume to J.D. Irving, Limited.

The New Brunswick-based company, founded in 1882, has a number of business units – agriculture, construction and equipment, consumer products, food, forestry and forestry products, retail and distribution, shipbuilding and industrial fabrication, transportation and logistics – and it is looking for people. Lots of them.

In January, JDI announced that from 2019-2021 it is forecasting it will hire 7,500 full-time employees and over 2,500 students across its operations in Canada and the U.S.

What’s more, 89 per cent of those jobs are in Atlantic Canada, and 72 per cent of them in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Why is JDI looking to hire so many people, especially in Atlantic Canada?

In a press release announcing its plans, JDI said it’s due to several factors: anticipated retirements, business growth and normal workforce turnover.

“Our strategy is to keep talented young people home, bring them home and to welcome newcomers,” said Colleen Baxter, JDI’s vice-president of human resources.

The company says the areas that will have the highest number of job opportunities will be finance, supply and logistics, retail sales, shipping and operations.

Maybe it’s time to update the ole’ CV.

Here is a breakdown of where the anticipated job opportunities will be located.

  • New Brunswick: 3,200 full time; 1,619 students
  • Nova Scotia: 2,221 full time; 413 students
  • P.E.I.: 727 full time; 60 students
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 494 full time; 227 students
  • Ontario: 388 full time; 99 students
  • Quebec: 133 full time
  • British Columbia: 7 full time; 6 students
  • Alberta: 3 full time; 4 students
  • U.S.: 322 full time; 120 students

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