Terms of service

This page details the Terms of Use for the Natural Resources Magazine web site, pertaining to conditions which may apply by using any feature on this site, as well as member and/or viewer expectations and the expectations of Natural Resources Magazine:

1. Specifics of Terms of Use
This Terms of Use specifically applies to the Natural Resources Magazine website, and does not apply to our print publication, Natural Resources Magazine.

2. Copyright
All material contained on the Natural Resources Magazine web site is either the property of Natural Resources Magazine, or rights have been obtained to use information, pictures, articles, etc. on behalf of our affiliates, subsidiaries, field journalists, other web sites and outside sources, etc. No material may be copied or used in any manner without the written consent of Natural Resources Magazine. Please direct all inquiries to the Editor.

3. Receiving email notifications from Natural Resources Magazine
Natural Resources Magazine reserves the right to collect specific information from visitors and subscribers via the forms available on this web site. We reserve the right to collect information for the purposes of sending our print publication and informing visitors to the site of offers, news, etc. that may be of interest. All our email messages will provide an unsubscribe link and we follow anti-spam policies.

4. Your Privacy
We take your privacy very seriously and will never share any information you provide via the forms on this web site with outside parties. An exception to this policy applies to community and/or interactive features, such as our Expert Q&A feature, whereby the authors of all answered questions will be identified. This clause of our Terms of Service may be expanded as more community and/or interactive features are added to the web site. For more assurance you may also read our privacy policy page.

5. Changing or Updating of Services
Natural Resources Magazine reserves the right to change, update or discontinue a service or feature of this web site at any time without notice. We will do our best to provide you with timely information that we feel will apply to our visitors based on our most current market information.

6. Hours of Operation
As with any web site, the Natural Resources Magazine web site will be available to visitors twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, except during times of server maintenance or in the case of an unforeseen technical matter that causes server downtime. Web site maintenance will be performed on a regular basis, and sometimes as frequently as every week in an effort to keep all information up to date and current. We will do our best to make the site available at all times.

7. Paid Advertisements
The Natural Resources Magazine web site will accept paid advertisements and will make every effort to accept products and services that we feel will be of interest to our visitors and subscribers. Natural Resources Magazine does not endorse, warrant or guarantee any products or services offered on this web site.

8. Complaints or Concerns
If you have a complaint or concern please email the Editor making sure to include details of the matter, and specify the subject line as “Complaint or Concern”.

9. Contacting Natural Resources Magazine
You may contact Natural Resources Magazine at any time via email or telephone by visiting the contact section of our web site for complete contact information, or visit our team page for more contact information.